I had the pleasure of working with Cindy – “"CJ"” – Johnson for several years at Imperial Headwear, prior to my departure from the company in June 2005. As VP of Sales & Marketing, I hired CJ to oversee our graphic art department and a team of 5 artists. During the time that CJ worked for me, she brought an incredible energy to the department and to her work. Under her guidance, an art department that was previously production oriented was able to bring some exciting new creativity to our marketing materials, trade show presence, and sales meetings. Several notable accomplishments were the overseeing and production of a company video, a streamlined and unified look to our collateral material, and the implementation of a multimedia aspect to our trade show booth. CJ also brought a great level of dedication to her position and would often go “above and beyond” to meet a deadline or get a project completed. CJ’s enthusiasm is contagious and she truly has a passion for what she does. I would not hesitate to recommend CJ for her enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.

Anne Broholm
National Sales Manager
Cutter & Buck

We at Paragon Media Strategies have been using C. J. Johnson’s considerable expertise for several years. We are a market research firm with a reputation of being very cutting edge. This necessitates frequently changing advertising that consistently reflects this image. C. J. is very skilled in taking our verbal ideas and translating them to a graphic design with exactly the right look and feel for our message. She always delivers high quality on the timeline established at the start of the project.
One of the partners in our firm is associated with several other companies. He has recommended Ms. Johnson to help with their marketing images as well. We have had rave reviews from all recommendations. One of the most memorable was a press kit that she designed for an up and coming author, which received high praise from an HBO executive. C. J. has the ability to work in many different industries with the same high quality result.

Ms. Sandra Chlumsky
President – Management Services
Paragon Media Strategies

I would like to offer the following as a strong letter of recommendation and reference in regard to Cindy Johnson and potential employment with your organization. I have worked with Cindy for two years and found her to be a competent and caring professional. When I started working with her she was operating in a marketing and design capacity for a group of casino's in Black Hawk, Colorado and Reno, Nevada. Cindy demonstrated the ability to perform multiple tasks and to accomplish difficult deadlines while communicating effectively with vendors and co-workers a like. She accomplished these tasks and took it a step further by controlling the cost of services and saved her group several thousand dollars monthly. Cindy never stops even though she performs at a high level she is always looking for a way to improve product, presentation, save money & increase productivity. I have always admired Cindy's ability to see the big picture while keeping her eye on the details. She posses strong communication skills and the ability to be an effective leader. I feel that Cindy would be an asset to your organization and would welcome the opportunity to discuss her ability to take your organization to the next level!

Jim Ritchey
Assistant Director, Human Resources –
Rose Medical Center

Over the past 7 years, Cindy Johnson has provided our company with expertise in many areas including marketing, client development, relationship management, and creative art project management. Her dedication and attention to detail combined with creative input speaks volumes about the quality of her work. She is multi-tasking and has been able to juggle several projects with out missing a deadline. Her efforts are tireless and when everyone else is calling it quits, she keeps going!
Cindy is incredibly talented in perceiving what the end goal should be and providing constant feedback on project status and “owning” her work and being accountable for the quality of projects completed. She takes personal pride in producing a product that far exceeds the expectation of her clients. And she will tackle anything! If she doesn’t know it today, she will know it by tomorrow!
The depth and breadth of her “tools and talent” are immeasurable and her energy is boundless. She brings a positive creative spark to any project and keeps things moving and others on their toes.
The biggest project that Cindy worked on for us took over a year and the final outcome was a beautifully designed directory, newsletter, and event promotional. She provided the art direction, project management; vendor relations with printers and creative consultant. We couldn’t have done it without her extensive knowledge and tireless energy. We love what she has done and so did everyone else who benefited from this project.
I can’t say enough good things about Cindy Johnson. She is one of the most gifted people I have had the joy to work with and be acquainted with. We will continue to use her talents and cherish her friendship.

Bobby J Davis
President - Worldwide Resources, Inc

I have had the pleasure to work with "C.J." Johnson over the past several years. Her knowledge is a welcome relief from many of the screen printing and embroidery jobs Summit Sportswear has handled over the years. It's nice to know that artwork will be received in a format we can use.

We've worked with C.J. on several jobs for various corporate accounts. Among the more prominent include Jones Radio Network, The Lodge Casino, and The Gilpin Casino.

What I notice most about C.J. is her ability to react to quick and spontaneous decisions by upper management. She makes sure that I have the information/artwork efficiently to proceed with jobs. C.J. has been in this business long enough to know that nothing can get decorated until final artwork is in the hands of the screener or embroiderer.

C.J. is incredibly creative and I like the fact that if a job needs to be simplified because it's either to costly, or not feasible, she listens. C.J. is very adept at working with me to create the same or similar affect within the parameters of a client.

Dave LaPlante,
Summit Sportswear

I would like to recommend Cindy Johnson for your evaluation. Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with her on a contractual basis and find her to be an extremely conscious leader who directs by establishing a solid respect foundation. She has the ability to streamline procedures to meet initiatives by implementing time efficient processes and cost effective maneuvers.
Her personal ethos is such that she truly believes that the only effective leader is one who can establish rapport quickly can garner trust, inspire the drive to succeed throughout a team and assess project status by understanding the dynamics of development from a technological, social, fiscal and business framework. While the outcome is the bottom line... the process and people are where she truly makes a difference.

Chalice Coward
Sr. Business Technologist – E -SUN IT, E-Payments Worldwide
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I have been working with Cindy “CJ” Johnson for more than 10 years. From our initial work together at Jones Radio Network through continued projects with various clients including Paragon Media Strategies, I have found her dedication, innovative mindset and overall work ethic of the highest caliber.

She is a true "driver" type personality that installs trust and respect in the persons she works with. Her "big-picture" vision combined with attention to detail proves her capabilities limitless in identifying and capturing new business while also maintaining and growing vertical markets with established clients. CJ's passion and energy is endless and she constantly delivers quality projects, on time and on budget.

An extreme high point for CJ is her leadership qualities. Whether managing clients, directing off-site contractors, or motivating internal creative teams, she elicits trust and garnishes respect by her methodologies. She has an innate "team building'" nature that is hard to match, and affords the man power and dedication needed to meet stringent deadlines.

I would highly recommend CJ as her drive and work ethic would be an incredible asset for any organization. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any other assistance.

Michele Tharp
VP of Marketing
Paragon Media Strategies

My initial contact with Cindy Johnson was while I was the director of special event fundraising for Junior Achievement in Denver, Colorado. Cindy volunteered for design brochures and numerous pieces of event collateral for multiple projects each year. Her listening skills were apparent from designs that met my needs. She was reliable and demonstrated excellent problem solving abilities and communication skills.

Cindy brings equal measure of energy, vision, and methodical project management to her work whether she’s managing a creative group, a team member, or a solo designer. Her passion to contribute to the overall success and “make a difference" is a common thread in the roles she’s held. One way she makes a difference is how she coaches and grows her staff and colleagues. I have met many of these people over the years as they’ve stayed in touch with Cindy.

Through the trust developed from years working together, our relationship has also grown into a healthy friendship. Due to her combined skill sets, work ethic and character, I am happy to recommend her as a solid addition to your organization. If you'd like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 303-458-4096 or foleary@regis.edu.

Flossie O'Leary
Director, Foundation and Corporate Relations
Regis University

I have had the great pleasure to work with CJ Johnson over the past 3 1⁄2 years on creative projects in a fast-paced, high-stress setting. CJ has proven her ability to manage tight deadlines, work within tight budgets, and juggle a variety of projects while, at the same time, maintaining high standards of creativity, innovation, and artistic talent.
In addition to managing various projects, I have watched CJ create an incredible team of talented artists. Her ability to guide and empower her team has been a testament to her leadership skills. She can find the potential in raw talent and help them fine-tune their abilities, as well as creating a cohesiveness between team members resulting in a close-knit group that is willing to pull together to get the job done.

Cathy Von Behren
Virtual Assistant
Imperial Headwear

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